What are eSIM for Phones and How They Work

In smartphones space is increasingly important, and to make room for new components soon we will have to salute the classic SIM and embrace the eSIM.

Within the smartphones of the future space will be everything. The search for more housing for batteries, screens and sensors will do, by force of things, the victims. For this reason Apple decided to sacrifice the headphone jack from 3.5 mm, but soon also the SIM could be replaced with the eSIM.

Today’s phones have the latest features, so you won’t be afraid to compare with some computers. To make them so efficient, however, in time designers and designers had to “cut” some components. Especially to make room for batteries that can withstand more and more specialized and powerful applications. According to many experts soon even the classic Sims will be replaced to prevent their slots occupy too much space. In its place we will see the eSIM also called SoftSIM. In practice a microchip printed on the logic board of the smartphone, or on any other electronic device with connectivity to the cellular network.

What are the eSIM

In practice instead of the classic coupon, that in time if you notice it has become smaller, we will have a microscopic device capable of containing all the data so far stored inside the circuits of the classic plastic card. To put it all the eSIM are not a real novelty. Similar devices are already in use on smartphones and tablets, only they do not cover the function of replacing a SIM but are used to save data useful to use the phone. No problem with regard to the Code ICCID, that is the one that uniquely identifies the SIM and is used during the transition from one operator to another, this can also be inserted in the SoftSIM, or ith what to say.

Advantages of eSIM

In addition to the obvious recovery of space that will be used by developers and manufacturers to achieve new functions, it is clear that the eSIM bring advantages to users as well. The consumer in fact with this system shorten the necessary time in the change of operator, as it will no longer have to replace the physical card in plastic. A call to customer service will be enough to move your data to the new user. In this way you will also avoid losing the phone numbers saved on the SIM and not transferred before the operator change. Not to mention the problems when you change your smartphone. Often the old phone card is not compatible with the new (depending on size, normal, Micro or Nano). And you have to go to our operator to request a new one. Operation that over time also costs money. With the eSIM these steps will be canceled.

How to register a virtual SIM

At the moment the real issue of the eSIM is that manufacturers do not have a unique standard for use. This means that at the moment creating your own virtual card could be more complicated than using a classic SIM. Apple is one of the few companies that has presented a clear plan about it for users. To register an eSIM just go to settings and then enter the cell phone section. At this point we have to wait a few moments and will appear an information sheet where we can select one of the telephone operators available in the area where we are. You will be able to choose between the various rates and promotions available at that time and thus subscribe to the contract with the operator you prefer. At the moment this solution is only possible on iOS. Given the importance of the topic but it is not to be excluded that soon also many other manufacturers will explain their plans on virtual Sims.

How to See Instagram Stories without Knowing

Both on the computer and on Android or Apple smartphone There are a number of tricks to try to watch the stories of Instagram without a trace.

The stories on Instagram are one of the most used functions by users on social media for photography. Curiosity pushes us to look at what they are doing in the last 24 hours friends, relatives and acquaintances. But is there a way to look at the story that a user has made without him knowing?

The beauty of social media is that they allow us to browse through photos and updates of friends and colleagues. This way we always know what they are doing or what they have done. But sometimes we don’t like our friends or relatives to know that we looked at their photos. Unfortunately for us Instagram, by default, shows the user a list of all the people who have displayed a certain story. But there are some ways to hide our name from the list. These “tricks” work on both Android and iPhone smartphones.

Use the Chrome browser

This technique to display a Instagram story without alerting the user only works if we use the desktop version of the social through the Chrome browser. First we have to go in the Settings menu, select the other tools item and then that extensions. From the list of various extensions available we install the one called IG Story. Once downloaded the plug-in we open Instagram and show the stories of the users that interest us. Thanks to the extension our name will not appear among the list of people who have seen the photo, even if we actually displayed it. Also thanks to IG Story you can also download a photo of a user without having it known.


If we own an Android smartphone to display “incognito” photos of the stories of Instagram we just go to the Play Store and download the Story Saver application. Once installed we access with our credentials on the famous social media for photography and you’re done. We can look at all the stories without leaving a trace of our passage. Also with story Saver you can save a story without let it know who posted the photo.


If we own an iPhone the first step to take to watch a Instagram story without ending up in the list of “curious” is to connect on Safari to the website storiesig.com. On the portal we must enter the name of the user we want to “spy” in the search bar. At that point the site will open the profile of the person you want and we can watch all the photos published in the last 24 hours without a trace. Also in this case you can save the displayed photos.

How to Properly Charge Your Smartphone’s Battery

To properly charge a battery, you must follow some suggestions: Do not go below 30% autonomy and activate the airplane mode.

Nowadays one of the biggest worries of people is: how much battery does my phone still have? It is not uncommon to see users running with the loader always at hand or with a power bank. At times, however, we are committing mistakes during the charging phase that may impair the battery.

There are some recommendations to follow when reloading our smartphone. It may seem a hassle yet having a proper routine will help the battery stay efficient for as long as possible. One of the most useful tips is to have more cables for charging. It represents a small additional expense but will allow us never to be without a magazine. Obviously it is necessary to buy only official cables to avoid damaging the autonomy of the phone battery.

The charging time

To increase the average battery life it is necessary to pay attention to the charging cycles. It is usually advisable to avoid charging times too long. Although it must be said that in the new smartphones leave the phone attached to the socket even after it reaches 100% is not a big problem. Given that thanks to a sensor like the smartphone is loaded does not receive additional energy. The real question is: Should we get up to 100% or is it better to disconnect the smartphone a little earlier? Some experts, and among them those of the Argonne collaborative Center for Energy Storage Science (ACCESS), advise to keep the device always between 30% and 80%. In practice we will have to charge the smartphone when it reaches 30% and disconnect it from the current to 80%. Always arrive at 100%, or 10%, according to the scientists creates imbalances to the battery that could cause problems.

Save Energy

If we notice that our battery is going to run out but we are unable to recharge it, the board is to activate the energy saving mode. Almost all smartphones now have this feature. Once the function is turned on, the brightness will be stopped, automatic app updates will be halted and the screen lock will be set between 15 and 30 seconds. Some phones also have super-energy saving mode, which pretty much blocks each connection. If we had very little time to make a recharge the board is to perform this operation with the active airplane mode. This way the charging time will be lower.

How to Defend Against Unwanted Calls and Phone Scams

A complete and intuitive guide to block unwanted calls for ever on both your home phone number and your smartphone

For lunch, dinner and even at work. Our day is marked by phone calls. Both the home and the smartphone. In most cases they are not good news but the usual call centers that try to sell us everything. Let us see then, with this complete guide, how to defend ourselves from unwanted calls.

There are a number of ways to defend yourself on the fixed line from unwanted call center calls, but also and especially to avoid unpleasant phone scams. To stop the continuous promotional calls we can decide to subscribe to the public register of the opposition. But it’s not the only way to defend ourselves from the insistent calls of telemarketing. In fact, now even smartphones have become a target of promotional calls, and you need to install the right applications to be able to block unwanted phone calls.

How to register for the opposition

It is a service made available to the citizens that allows you to exclude your number from those available to the various call centers. To register the first thing to do is go online to the site registrodelleopposizioni.it. Here we select the Subscriber Area that we find in green on the top left of our monitor.

Once entered the Subscriber Area we will notice a series of icons, five for accuracy. We have to click on the one with the word “Web”, which is also the first on the list. This way we’ll open a pop-up menu, and select the entry. Below we will read the words: “Dear subscriber, to subscribe via web your number in the public register of the opposition, you will have to fill out and send the electronic form at the following Link”. Clicking on the link we will be transported on a new page where we will fill in the necessary form. To complete the operation we will need our phone number, the VAT in case of company phone, our birth and residence data and an e-mail address. Once you have filled out the form click on the Send entry, in the lower left. At the end of the inscription display a summary page, remember to print it because it might come in handy in the future. If, in fact, after our registration continue to receive calls from the call center we can contact the guarantor for the protection of personal data and denounce the fact. To do so we download, always from the site of the register of oppositions, the file with the words “signalling receiving unwanted advertising calls – for private telephone users”. Fill it in and send it by registered mail to the address on the top right hand side of the form. Let us remember that the activation of the registration in the register of oppositions takes about 15 days.

Limitations of the Opposition Register

Registration to the register of oppositions will avoid us having to respond to different promotional and unwanted calls. But it may not solve the solution in a definitive way. Legally, in fact, even if we are enrolled in the opposition register, the companies that we have enabled to receive promotional communications can still call us. This is something that happens often when you sign up for an Internet site, participate in an online contest or subscribe to services of various kinds. We are always careful so when we release our number on the net and when we click “I agree” at the time of registration to sites, forums or social networks of various kinds.

How to block unwanted calls on smartphones

As we said the promotional calls, the unwanted and the attempts to scam now are no longer an exclusive phenomenon of landlines, but are also recurring on smartphones. To do this, especially on Android devices we can decide whether to use the default settings on our devices or whether to rely on third-party applications. In most cases, apps provide more protection from pressing business calls.

Smartphone Samsung

Let’s see how to block unwanted calls on some Android smartphones. If, for example, we have a Samsung phone with Android Lollipop, or a Galaxy S5 or S6 or a Note 4, we can adopt a simple method to block incoming calls. This is a default phone option very easy to set up. To do this we go to the call log, in the upper right we will find the icon for advanced settings. We enter and select the item add number to Automatic reject list. A drastic but still effective choice could also be to select the word “Block all unknown numbers”.

HTC Smartphone

How about Samsung even HTC made it easy to block calls to its users, thanks to a default setting. To do this, on the various one M7, one M8 and one M9, we will simply open the call history and then touch the search icon, the one with the magnifying glass, to find the number that we want to stop. We press on the unwanted number and a popup menu will appear, then we option the add to call barring entry. We can also manage blocked contacts because HTC smartphones create a folder with all the numbers blacklisted.

LG Smartphone

Some LG smartphones, especially those that are still running with Lollipop, adopt quick and ingenious solutions to avoid commercial calls. Setting it is easy, indeed to tell the truth you should not set anything, we will decide at the time of the call whether to add the number to the black list or not. To do this, when we receive the unwanted call, instead of swiping the finger from the center towards the red handset to the left to close, we bring the red handset to the center. This operation will automatically send the number between the blocked contacts. Or we can set automatic rejection for all unknown or private numbers.

Should I answer?

If our smartphone does not have effective settings present by default and you are wondering how to block unwanted calls you can ask for help from third party applications. One of the best is: Should I answer? The name is explanatory and allows you to understand immediately the main purpose of the application. Should I answer? It allows you to block incoming calls of any number and to preview the judgement of the users on that contact. For example, if you receive a call from a call center, the application will allow you to find out in advance and you may not respond while saving valuable time. The app uses a constantly updated internal database from other users. It also works offline.

Calls Blacklist

Another very useful application to block the calls of the nuisances on Android is called Blacklist that allows you to create a personal list with all the contacts to be rejected. The user can add a number to the blacklist or add it directly to one of the following categories: “Private Numbers”, “Unknown Numbers” or “all calls”. In addition to the possibility of blocking calls, the user will have the option to put a block even when receiving the SMS. Blacklist is a very complete application: on the Google Play Store is available both a free version and a fee without advertising.

Google Dialer

Google offers a service to block commercial calls and in general all unwanted ones. It’s called Google Dialer. Obviously to make it work you have to install the relevant application that is in the Play Store. Just a few minutes to do that. Downloaded the app, we need to start it. Once done we go to the menu and click on the icon with three dots on the top right. We then go to Settings and select the item blocked numbers. At this point we choose the Word add a number and insert all the contacts we intend to block.

True Caller

If you are looking for free apps to block incoming calls True caller is one of the most used applications by Android users. This is because it offers two different services: on the one hand you can block calls from people who are not welcome, on the other you can reject the call centers. In order to make the most of the features offered by True caller, you need to sign up for the platform and you can start using the database, how should I respond?, with all call center numbers reported by the community. Each user can add new contacts and put in their personal black list those who will not want to hear.

How to Find Out Who Is Hiding Behind an Unknown or Private Number

Finding out who is hiding behind private numbers can be easier than expected thanks to some services and applications on the Internet.

The nightmare of the private numbers behind the call centers, in the ranking of the most hated people while you are on the phone, there are them: private numbers and unknown. Usually behind private numbers lurk people who are trying to promote some new product or a new paid service and hope that someone will helmet us. Very often, however, private and unknown numbers are used by people to make jokes or to intimidate someone. In such cases it is necessary to alert the police immediately and to file a complaint against the unknown so that they can be traced back to the owner of the telephone number. But, thanks to some applications and services available for free on the network, you can find out in advance who owns the phone number trying to understand why these calls. Some services require registration, while for others it is enough to download the app on your smartphone.

Who calls

If you receive the call from an unknown number, one of the solutions to be taken to find out who phoned you is the online service who calls. The site allows you to find the person who called you through the comments of the users who have had your same experience. In order to use the service you must access the home of the site and then use the white space in the middle of the page to search for the phone number indicted. After entering the number from which you received the call you must press the search button: If the search is successful will appear on the screen of your PC or smartphone (the service can also be used through a mobile device using One of the many browsers available on the online store) a card with the name and surname of the owner of the card, while otherwise you will need to put your heart in peace and find another solution. The caller still allows you to fill out a card with all the information on the number in the hope that even some other user receives a call from the same number.


Service very similar to the previous one, Tellows allows users to use their own phone numbers database to find out who is hiding behind calls with an unknown number. In order to take advantage of the services provided by Tellows you must access the site and use the empty space located in the upper right corner to enter the phone number to search. In the event that the search will give a match, a map is shown with the city of origin of the phone calls and the comments of other users, otherwise you can leave your comment and wait for other users to receive the same call. The services offered by Tellows do not stop here and also include a photo map to control what numbers of phones are most searched for and an application available on the Google Play store and the App Store that allows you to know in advance whether The number from which you are receiving a call is a call center or a paid advertising service.

Whooming, the service to find out who is hiding behind the private numbers

Whooming is one of the best services to find out who is the owner that lurks behind the private number that calls you every day and each time pretends not to talk. The activation of the service requires a little ‘ patience, but once you make the registration will be easier. Whooming is free and works with any telephone operator. The operation of Whooming is particular and obliges the user to activate on the smartphone the call deviation, otherwise it will be impossible to trace the person who hides behind the private number. The first step is to sign up for free to the service through the official website: the registration can be done either by filling out the appropriate form or by using the credentials of Facebook to speed up the practice. After completing the subscription, Whooming will send an email to your email address to complete the activation of your account. Once this step has been completed, you can finally follow the procedure to activate the call diversion on your smartphone, so that anonymous phone calls are directly diverted to Whooming and you can find out who is behind the number Private.

Whooming, the application for the smartphone and the paid services

After activating the call diversion you will need to make a test call to test the operation of the service: If this step will also be successful, then it means that Whooming is ready to find out the number that is hidden behind the Private calls. When you receive an anonymous phone call simply refuse the call and after a few minutes Whooming will send on your email address the number that has tried to contact you. This way you can go back to the owner and find out the reason for the anonymous phone calls. In the event that the person continues with the anonymous calls you can turn to the police and file a complaint for stalking. Whooming is a very useful service especially for women who are continually harassed by the ex-boyfriend and the ex-husband. The service also provides an application developed for Android and IOS that allows you to always have under control the register of calls received. In addition, by charging a charge of 10 euros to Whooming will be possible to activate services for a fee: talk to a stalker, will make the line clear to the phone call anonymous but in the meantime Whooming will have already traced the number, records the call with the Stalker allows you to store the phone call, while SMS notifications, will send a message to your smartphone to find out who called you.


Another service that you can activate to understand who lurks behind the anonymous calls is Override that is offered directly by the telephone operators. In order to activate it is necessary to make a written request through a form that can be downloaded online from the website of your manager. Override, however, is not a free service, but expects to pay a fairly high monthly subscription. The service is certainly very effective, but to be able to activate it is necessary to have made a complaint for stalking to the competent authorities, because they are the only ones who can access the phone records.


Dive3000 is a real online phone directory that allows you to discover the owner of the unknown number who called you. The service is only usable by browser, since no application has been developed. The first step to be able to take advantage of the functionality of Dive3000 is to subscribe to the service and wait for the activation of your account. Once you have completed the registration you can use the special form to discover the owner of the unknown number that calls you every day. If the search will be successful, Dive3000 will show a card with all the information about the number, otherwise you’ll need to use another service.


In the event that the calls received are not of a number with an Italian prefix, it is necessary to use a service that collects the foreign telephone directories. One of the best present on the net is 2Link.be, which can create some difficulties for the problem of the language, but after a couple of minutes you get used to the interface and each user can use it very easily. By choosing the country of origin of the phone number, the website directs you to the reference phone list and you don’t have to do anything else but enter the number to find out who has been looking for you. A very simple and especially fast service to use.