Madden NFL Mobile Guide in Spanish

The Madden NFL Mobile in Spanish guide tells you about this spectacular EA Sports mobile football game.

Like many of the sports games, and mobile games in general, the central aspect of management is one based on cards or cards. Let’s start the game with a group of bench-warmers and borderline starters, which are no big deal.

As you play Madden NFL Mobile you will get better players until getting a good template, worthy of competing for the Super Bowl.

So, in essence, you’ll be able to spend a good part of the time as general manager. The resources that you will be able to invest are as much gold coins of the game as real money.

Cheats and tricks: You could use this to play easier or get better results, the worse you don’t really need it. After all, with this guide and some tips you can play well. In addition to the game you will get many coins, but on the other hand check as everything is quite expensive.

Basic management of equipment quality

Once you pass the obligatory tutorial you will have your first deck of cards, after which you can browse for the first time your team. The quality in Madden NFL Mobile is measured at the points of statistics.

Depending on the franchise you choose, you probably have some player pulling good, classified in the 70 high or 80 low. The rest of the team will be a lot of stock players between 60 and 70 lows and will be full of unknown players. Do not worry! In just a few days you will be able to improve this.

Since we are with this, here you can see a ranking of the players according to their values, and a good goal for Madden NFL Mobile will be to go improving.

  • Less than 60: temporary players we want to replace as soon as possible
  • 61-65 for the first week is acceptable. If you haven’t purged at 90% of them when you’re done, you don’t prosper well.
  • 66-70 to 10 days. Before day 11 you should have players of these characteristics.
  • 71-75 starters. As long as you don’t get better players you’ll have to cope with these.
  • 76-80 quality players. Once you get to these players you will jump quality in the performance of your team
  • 81-85 good players. No doubt these stand out in the league
  • 86-90 excellent players who could be stars on normal teams.
  • 91-95 impressive players of which there are little.
  • 96-100 the best players in the game, insurmountable.

The final tip for Madden NFL Mobile about this is that once you have evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the team, go to the live auctions on the market and look for players available to improve your team.

Keep in mind that it is not worth spending a lot of coins to improve players by just five or six points. Consider also speculate a little to take extra coins.

Try other games like NBA Live or FIFA, which ones do you like the most?

5 Key Tricks to Master Score! Hero

Here are 5 key tricks to master Score! Hero, no doubt one of the best mobile games today. Despite having a few months, the First Touch Games game is still very demanded and played.

In Score! Hero will discover a somewhat atypical simulator, very tactical and spectacular, where you will create a story for your player, helping him in the race to make him a true hero of football.

It is about to overcome a few hundred levels divided in several seasons, where your player will be able to improve his aspirations reaching the best football clubs.

Score! Hero is a tactical game and that’s why you’re sure to appreciate these tricks.

Trick 1: Don’t hurry and move the ball securing possession

You may be tempted to mark fast by plotting a complicated pass and thus it is easier to lose possession and therefore the opportunity.

Shoot with effect and clean web squad

If you try to pass the ball to a well-marked partner, or passing close to a rival, you will be at great risk that the pass goes wrong. It is also harder to carry out long passes than in short.

Trick 2: Use the camera to watch the game and perform a better pass or shot

Although Score! Hero usually chooses well the point of the camera, this can be improved sometimes. Approaching 2 fingers on the screen you can zoom in to get more detail and be able to do better the shot or pass.

In the same way if you move them away, you will also zoom out, which can serve to better see the field, the position of your teammates and better plot the move.

Also remember that you can change the orientation by dragging a finger around the top of the screen.

Trick 3: Get the 3 stars, all goals

You should always look for them as they will not only serve the stars but you learn to play well. Especially in the early missions do not hesitate to retry again and again until you get them all and learn the essentials, because then in Score! Hero is harder.

Score-hero-TrucosTruco 4: Shoot the Hole

That is, the goal is great, do not shoot the goalkeeper or outside the goal. Normally the goalkeeper will be placed towards a stick and you should shoot the opposite.

Trick 5: Practice to dominate the effect

Giving effect to the ball complicates things because it is more difficult than shooting straight but this will help you enormously if you know how to use it well.

Plus, your goals will be more spectacular. What’s better than a Golazo the whole squad? This is one of the features that make it one of the best football games.

If you have more tricks for Score! Hero comments and I raise them. So soon I leave here other recommendations for Madden NFL Mobile.

Guide Score! Hero, Take Him to be a Football Legend

This guide tells you about Score! Hero is a very dynamic game that tries to represent a football match with action 11 against 11 in the whole field.

Score! Hero is a game for Android or iPhone Mobile that focuses on the strategy of football and more specifically in making decisions with the ball.

The game goes that you start your career normally in mediocre teams but season to season you go ahead and create your legend as a football hero. So you will have a series of goals or challenges for each party that you are presented in the season as they can be:

  • Score a goal with your hero
  • Make an attendance with your hero
  • Make 3 touches or more
  • Dial from 20 yards
  • Put it down the right angle

If you get the goals that mark you will give you 3 stars. Top right you see the total number of stars you get. What are the stars for? Among other things will serve to move to the following season.

Instead of using the joysticks and the virtual buttons to dribble, pass and shoot the ball, score Android hero has to do with the contemplative touch controls. Score! Football hero becomes a puzzle game, so the action freezes in the key moments, and then draw paths to steer the ball.

Playing a Game

The game stops at certain stages and you have to slide the screen to pass the ball or shoot. The Score Controls! Hero are sensitive, and you can make passes and auctions with effect and in any direction.

The money you accumulate or even buy with real money, you can invest in replaying every action with which you are not happy, or even change the appearance of the hero.

You will not only take care of the actions of your hero, but you will need to interact with other players. However, you should try to complete the objectives proposed for each mission, trying to create conducive situations.

Each move must end in goal, and if you do not get it, you must use a little energy or coins to have another chance.

Hero Game Score

The achievements you get in Score! Hero are going to focus on the achievement of stars. So although you can invest money in customizing your hero with new haircuts, beards, and other accessories, remember that they have no effect on scoring, but simple aesthetics.

But the main mechanics of Score Hero is surprisingly enjoyable. It may not be useful to win or lose games but it is very entertaining to try to solve the moves.

Score Hero is a game valued as one of the best football for mobile, along with other titles like FIFA Mobile.

Linemen’s Tricks

Willie Anderson of Bengals, Jonathan Ogden of ravens, and other specialists give advice on how to keep QB standing. With often anonymous members, an offensive line combines the mind with the muscle, to fight the defensive linesmen chasing the quarterback.

A strange profession. The better they are, the less they know them. The better they do their homework, the less their names are heard.

Several offensive line players and NFL coaches recently debated the specialty, sometimes ungrateful, of protecting the launcher.

“One of the most important keys to protecting the pass is your breath,” reveals the Cincinnati Bengals Pro Bowl Tackle, WILLIE ANDERSON. “Young players sometimes go to the hit line and while the quarterback is screaming ‘ Set, hut! ‘ are holding their breath. That can lead to a direct hit that usually results in your defeat in that play. ”

“I learned in time,” continues Anderson, “that you need to have a strong heart, but at the same time maintain a normal breathing. In the pass blocking, you must be strong in your heart and be relaxed at the same time. The more relaxed you are, the more you can have fluid movements and stay with your man. ”

The Jacksonville Jaguars have “been with their man” pretty well in the last two campaign, especially in third try and 10 or more yards to go, a typical pass move. The Jaguars are one of seven teams that allowed three or fewer catches in that particular situation since the beginning of 2004.

The other six teams in this select group are the Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, Kansas City chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts.

“The point at which we put greater emphasis is on knowing who to block,” says the Jaguars offensive line coach, PAUL BOUDREAU. “You must be sure to take the right steps. Not everyone is blessed with the talent of the lineage of a WILLIE ROAF, who can block at ease. You always have to make sure you’re in the right position.”

“The fort is important,” says the Baltimore Ravens tackle, eight times present in the Pro Bowl, JONATHAN OGDEN. “But the first priority is to meet your opponent. If you know your opponent and what he likes to do, and you try to take that away from him, forcing to make other moves, then half the battle will be won. ” Ogden adds that repetitions of basic movements are more important than learning new tricks.

Among the most important quarterbacks in the NFL are the two-time Pro Bowl DWIGHT FREENEY, from the Indianapolis Colts. It is that regularity of which Ogden speaks what Freeney sees in his most formidable adversaries: “Consistency in protection is what the best linemen do not deny, beyond what I do.”

The offensive line of and the assistant coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, former guard of Washington and the Pro Bowl, RUSS GRIMM also puts the emphasis on remembering the basic movements. “It is important for linemen to focus on their technique,” he reflects. “They have to pay attention to the small things, like their footwork, with the desire to improve their pass protection.”

Finally, Anderson, of Cincinnati, reveals a trick to be taken into account by those who play on the offensive line:

“I focus on the inner half of the man in front of me,” he explains. “Coaches call that having big eyes. You keep those big eyes focused on their inner number, the number on your right, because that’s the part of it that will tell you where it will move. If you are going to make a move out, or you will try to pass beating strong.”

What are eSIM for Phones and How They Work

In smartphones space is increasingly important, and to make room for new components soon we will have to salute the classic SIM and embrace the eSIM.

Within the smartphones of the future space will be everything. The search for more housing for batteries, screens and sensors will do, by force of things, the victims. For this reason Apple decided to sacrifice the headphone jack from 3.5 mm, but soon also the SIM could be replaced with the eSIM.

Today’s phones have the latest features, so you won’t be afraid to compare with some computers. To make them so efficient, however, in time designers and designers had to “cut” some components. Especially to make room for batteries that can withstand more and more specialized and powerful applications. According to many experts soon even the classic Sims will be replaced to prevent their slots occupy too much space. In its place we will see the eSIM also called SoftSIM. In practice a microchip printed on the logic board of the smartphone, or on any other electronic device with connectivity to the cellular network.

What are the eSIM

In practice instead of the classic coupon, that in time if you notice it has become smaller, we will have a microscopic device capable of containing all the data so far stored inside the circuits of the classic plastic card. To put it all the eSIM are not a real novelty. Similar devices are already in use on smartphones and tablets, only they do not cover the function of replacing a SIM but are used to save data useful to use the phone. No problem with regard to the Code ICCID, that is the one that uniquely identifies the SIM and is used during the transition from one operator to another, this can also be inserted in the SoftSIM, or ith what to say.

Advantages of eSIM

In addition to the obvious recovery of space that will be used by developers and manufacturers to achieve new functions, it is clear that the eSIM bring advantages to users as well. The consumer in fact with this system shorten the necessary time in the change of operator, as it will no longer have to replace the physical card in plastic. A call to customer service will be enough to move your data to the new user. In this way you will also avoid losing the phone numbers saved on the SIM and not transferred before the operator change. Not to mention the problems when you change your smartphone. Often the old phone card is not compatible with the new (depending on size, normal, Micro or Nano). And you have to go to our operator to request a new one. Operation that over time also costs money. With the eSIM these steps will be canceled.

How to register a virtual SIM

At the moment the real issue of the eSIM is that manufacturers do not have a unique standard for use. This means that at the moment creating your own virtual card could be more complicated than using a classic SIM. Apple is one of the few companies that has presented a clear plan about it for users. To register an eSIM just go to settings and then enter the cell phone section. At this point we have to wait a few moments and will appear an information sheet where we can select one of the telephone operators available in the area where we are. You will be able to choose between the various rates and promotions available at that time and thus subscribe to the contract with the operator you prefer. At the moment this solution is only possible on iOS. Given the importance of the topic but it is not to be excluded that soon also many other manufacturers will explain their plans on virtual Sims.

How to See Instagram Stories without Knowing

Both on the computer and on Android or Apple smartphone There are a number of tricks to try to watch the stories of Instagram without a trace.

The stories on Instagram are one of the most used functions by users on social media for photography. Curiosity pushes us to look at what they are doing in the last 24 hours friends, relatives and acquaintances. But is there a way to look at the story that a user has made without him knowing?

The beauty of social media is that they allow us to browse through photos and updates of friends and colleagues. This way we always know what they are doing or what they have done. But sometimes we don’t like our friends or relatives to know that we looked at their photos. Unfortunately for us Instagram, by default, shows the user a list of all the people who have displayed a certain story. But there are some ways to hide our name from the list. These “tricks” work on both Android and iPhone smartphones.

Use the Chrome browser

This technique to display a Instagram story without alerting the user only works if we use the desktop version of the social through the Chrome browser. First we have to go in the Settings menu, select the other tools item and then that extensions. From the list of various extensions available we install the one called IG Story. Once downloaded the plug-in we open Instagram and show the stories of the users that interest us. Thanks to the extension our name will not appear among the list of people who have seen the photo, even if we actually displayed it. Also thanks to IG Story you can also download a photo of a user without having it known.


If we own an Android smartphone to display “incognito” photos of the stories of Instagram we just go to the Play Store and download the Story Saver application. Once installed we access with our credentials on the famous social media for photography and you’re done. We can look at all the stories without leaving a trace of our passage. Also with story Saver you can save a story without let it know who posted the photo.


If we own an iPhone the first step to take to watch a Instagram story without ending up in the list of “curious” is to connect on Safari to the website On the portal we must enter the name of the user we want to “spy” in the search bar. At that point the site will open the profile of the person you want and we can watch all the photos published in the last 24 hours without a trace. Also in this case you can save the displayed photos.

Just Five Dollars and a Minute to Hack Your PC

It’s called PoisonTrap and it’s a system that in seconds will infect your device and allow cyber criminals to manage your computer remotely.

Do you remember the movie a few years ago with Nicolas Cage, out in 60 seconds? Now let’s lose the theme fast cars and think about your computer. There is a new virus that can completely infect your device in less than a minute. And it only costs five bucks.

PoisonTrap infects your computer in a minute. This new device was designed by one of the most famous hardware hack designers in the world, Samy Kamkar. It manages to evade most of the device’s security systems as a password or two-step authentication. The cyber criminal is about 30 to 60 seconds alone with the computer to infect your device. Be very careful when leaving your PC unattended at work or in the library. To infect your computer The hacker will use a tool defined PoisonTrap inserted inside a small Raspberry Pi Zero, which costs about 5 dollars, and that will connect via USB to your device.

How the PoisonTrap works

Once connected to the computer the PoisonTrap does not advertise itself as a USB device but as an Ethernet interface. At this point, even if the PC is connected to Wi-Fi the PoisonTrap will convince the system to support you as a priority line for the connection. This will work in a similar way to a hacker man in the middle attack. From here on the cyber criminal, without us noticing anything, will be able to steal all our data, our credentials on bank accounts and know all the information about our presence on the net.

Our device will be remotely managed

If we fall victim to an attack like this, the bad guy will be able to manage a large part of the local network and the browser remotely, thanks to a backdoor that a person without experience in the field could not recognize. Obviously you do not need the Raspberry Pi Zero with PoisonTrap remains connected to do all this. Kamkar has also made it known that this type of virus is incredibly resilient and manages to evade most of the security systems. On all also two-pass authentication of bank accounts.

How to defend yourself from PoisonTrap

At this point the question that will be arisen to many is: how can I defend myself from this new hacker attack? Kamkar says that there is no simple solution, especially for users who do not have great knowledge about it. But there are some tricks that will make it harder for the hacker to infect our device. First we choose, when we leave the PC even for minutes, the hibernation function rather than suspend. Because so we’ll suspend every process. We never leave a page of an open browser when we are not close to the computer. With patience and frequency we empty the browser caches. Or simply disable the USB ports. Although it is a little practical solution.

Who is Samy Kamkar?

Samy Kamkar is an engineer and as we said one of the most famous hack designers in the world, especially with regard to the creation of low cost viruses. He’s a researcher and he doesn’t do it as a criminal activity. Among his inventions there is, for example, MagSpoof a system that is able to guess all the details of a credit card starting from only some account data. Then he created RollJam which is able to unlock virtually any car or garage. And finally among the most famous there is also KeySweeper, a program that steals password disguised as a USB loader.

How to Properly Charge Your Smartphone’s Battery

To properly charge a battery, you must follow some suggestions: Do not go below 30% autonomy and activate the airplane mode.

Nowadays one of the biggest worries of people is: how much battery does my phone still have? It is not uncommon to see users running with the loader always at hand or with a power bank. At times, however, we are committing mistakes during the charging phase that may impair the battery.

There are some recommendations to follow when reloading our smartphone. It may seem a hassle yet having a proper routine will help the battery stay efficient for as long as possible. One of the most useful tips is to have more cables for charging. It represents a small additional expense but will allow us never to be without a magazine. Obviously it is necessary to buy only official cables to avoid damaging the autonomy of the phone battery.

The charging time

To increase the average battery life it is necessary to pay attention to the charging cycles. It is usually advisable to avoid charging times too long. Although it must be said that in the new smartphones leave the phone attached to the socket even after it reaches 100% is not a big problem. Given that thanks to a sensor like the smartphone is loaded does not receive additional energy. The real question is: Should we get up to 100% or is it better to disconnect the smartphone a little earlier? Some experts, and among them those of the Argonne collaborative Center for Energy Storage Science (ACCESS), advise to keep the device always between 30% and 80%. In practice we will have to charge the smartphone when it reaches 30% and disconnect it from the current to 80%. Always arrive at 100%, or 10%, according to the scientists creates imbalances to the battery that could cause problems.

Save Energy

If we notice that our battery is going to run out but we are unable to recharge it, the board is to activate the energy saving mode. Almost all smartphones now have this feature. Once the function is turned on, the brightness will be stopped, automatic app updates will be halted and the screen lock will be set between 15 and 30 seconds. Some phones also have super-energy saving mode, which pretty much blocks each connection. If we had very little time to make a recharge the board is to perform this operation with the active airplane mode. This way the charging time will be lower.