How to Find Out Who Is Hiding Behind an Unknown or Private Number

Finding out who is hiding behind private numbers can be easier than expected thanks to some services and applications on the Internet.

The nightmare of the private numbers behind the call centers, in the ranking of the most hated people while you are on the phone, there are them: private numbers and unknown. Usually behind private numbers lurk people who are trying to promote some new product or a new paid service and hope that someone will helmet us. Very often, however, private and unknown numbers are used by people to make jokes or to intimidate someone. In such cases it is necessary to alert the police immediately and to file a complaint against the unknown so that they can be traced back to the owner of the telephone number. But, thanks to some applications and services available for free on the network, you can find out in advance who owns the phone number trying to understand why these calls. Some services require registration, while for others it is enough to download the app on your smartphone.

Who calls

If you receive the call from an unknown number, one of the solutions to be taken to find out who phoned you is the online service who calls. The site allows you to find the person who called you through the comments of the users who have had your same experience. In order to use the service you must access the home of the site and then use the white space in the middle of the page to search for the phone number indicted. After entering the number from which you received the call you must press the search button: If the search is successful will appear on the screen of your PC or smartphone (the service can also be used through a mobile device using One of the many browsers available on the online store) a card with the name and surname of the owner of the card, while otherwise you will need to put your heart in peace and find another solution. The caller still allows you to fill out a card with all the information on the number in the hope that even some other user receives a call from the same number.


Service very similar to the previous one, Tellows allows users to use their own phone numbers database to find out who is hiding behind calls with an unknown number. In order to take advantage of the services provided by Tellows you must access the site and use the empty space located in the upper right corner to enter the phone number to search. In the event that the search will give a match, a map is shown with the city of origin of the phone calls and the comments of other users, otherwise you can leave your comment and wait for other users to receive the same call. The services offered by Tellows do not stop here and also include a photo map to control what numbers of phones are most searched for and an application available on the Google Play store and the App Store that allows you to know in advance whether The number from which you are receiving a call is a call center or a paid advertising service.

Whooming, the service to find out who is hiding behind the private numbers

Whooming is one of the best services to find out who is the owner that lurks behind the private number that calls you every day and each time pretends not to talk. The activation of the service requires a little ‘ patience, but once you make the registration will be easier. Whooming is free and works with any telephone operator. The operation of Whooming is particular and obliges the user to activate on the smartphone the call deviation, otherwise it will be impossible to trace the person who hides behind the private number. The first step is to sign up for free to the service through the official website: the registration can be done either by filling out the appropriate form or by using the credentials of Facebook to speed up the practice. After completing the subscription, Whooming will send an email to your email address to complete the activation of your account. Once this step has been completed, you can finally follow the procedure to activate the call diversion on your smartphone, so that anonymous phone calls are directly diverted to Whooming and you can find out who is behind the number Private.

Whooming, the application for the smartphone and the paid services

After activating the call diversion you will need to make a test call to test the operation of the service: If this step will also be successful, then it means that Whooming is ready to find out the number that is hidden behind the Private calls. When you receive an anonymous phone call simply refuse the call and after a few minutes Whooming will send on your email address the number that has tried to contact you. This way you can go back to the owner and find out the reason for the anonymous phone calls. In the event that the person continues with the anonymous calls you can turn to the police and file a complaint for stalking. Whooming is a very useful service especially for women who are continually harassed by the ex-boyfriend and the ex-husband. The service also provides an application developed for Android and IOS that allows you to always have under control the register of calls received. In addition, by charging a charge of 10 euros to Whooming will be possible to activate services for a fee: talk to a stalker, will make the line clear to the phone call anonymous but in the meantime Whooming will have already traced the number, records the call with the Stalker allows you to store the phone call, while SMS notifications, will send a message to your smartphone to find out who called you.


Another service that you can activate to understand who lurks behind the anonymous calls is Override that is offered directly by the telephone operators. In order to activate it is necessary to make a written request through a form that can be downloaded online from the website of your manager. Override, however, is not a free service, but expects to pay a fairly high monthly subscription. The service is certainly very effective, but to be able to activate it is necessary to have made a complaint for stalking to the competent authorities, because they are the only ones who can access the phone records.


Dive3000 is a real online phone directory that allows you to discover the owner of the unknown number who called you. The service is only usable by browser, since no application has been developed. The first step to be able to take advantage of the functionality of Dive3000 is to subscribe to the service and wait for the activation of your account. Once you have completed the registration you can use the special form to discover the owner of the unknown number that calls you every day. If the search will be successful, Dive3000 will show a card with all the information about the number, otherwise you’ll need to use another service.

In the event that the calls received are not of a number with an Italian prefix, it is necessary to use a service that collects the foreign telephone directories. One of the best present on the net is, which can create some difficulties for the problem of the language, but after a couple of minutes you get used to the interface and each user can use it very easily. By choosing the country of origin of the phone number, the website directs you to the reference phone list and you don’t have to do anything else but enter the number to find out who has been looking for you. A very simple and especially fast service to use.

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