How to Properly Charge Your Smartphone’s Battery

To properly charge a battery, you must follow some suggestions: Do not go below 30% autonomy and activate the airplane mode.

Nowadays one of the biggest worries of people is: how much battery does my phone still have? It is not uncommon to see users running with the loader always at hand or with a power bank. At times, however, we are committing mistakes during the charging phase that may impair the battery.

There are some recommendations to follow when reloading our smartphone. It may seem a hassle yet having a proper routine will help the battery stay efficient for as long as possible. One of the most useful tips is to have more cables for charging. It represents a small additional expense but will allow us never to be without a magazine. Obviously it is necessary to buy only official cables to avoid damaging the autonomy of the phone battery.

The charging time

To increase the average battery life it is necessary to pay attention to the charging cycles. It is usually advisable to avoid charging times too long. Although it must be said that in the new smartphones leave the phone attached to the socket even after it reaches 100% is not a big problem. Given that thanks to a sensor like the smartphone is loaded does not receive additional energy. The real question is: Should we get up to 100% or is it better to disconnect the smartphone a little earlier? Some experts, and among them those of the Argonne collaborative Center for Energy Storage Science (ACCESS), advise to keep the device always between 30% and 80%. In practice we will have to charge the smartphone when it reaches 30% and disconnect it from the current to 80%. Always arrive at 100%, or 10%, according to the scientists creates imbalances to the battery that could cause problems.

Save Energy

If we notice that our battery is going to run out but we are unable to recharge it, the board is to activate the energy saving mode. Almost all smartphones now have this feature. Once the function is turned on, the brightness will be stopped, automatic app updates will be halted and the screen lock will be set between 15 and 30 seconds. Some phones also have super-energy saving mode, which pretty much blocks each connection. If we had very little time to make a recharge the board is to perform this operation with the active airplane mode. This way the charging time will be lower.

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