How to See Instagram Stories without Knowing

Both on the computer and on Android or Apple smartphone There are a number of tricks to try to watch the stories of Instagram without a trace.

The stories on Instagram are one of the most used functions by users on social media for photography. Curiosity pushes us to look at what they are doing in the last 24 hours friends, relatives and acquaintances. But is there a way to look at the story that a user has made without him knowing?

The beauty of social media is that they allow us to browse through photos and updates of friends and colleagues. This way we always know what they are doing or what they have done. But sometimes we don’t like our friends or relatives to know that we looked at their photos. Unfortunately for us Instagram, by default, shows the user a list of all the people who have displayed a certain story. But there are some ways to hide our name from the list. These “tricks” work on both Android and iPhone smartphones.

Use the Chrome browser

This technique to display a Instagram story without alerting the user only works if we use the desktop version of the social through the Chrome browser. First we have to go in the Settings menu, select the other tools item and then that extensions. From the list of various extensions available we install the one called IG Story. Once downloaded the plug-in we open Instagram and show the stories of the users that interest us. Thanks to the extension our name will not appear among the list of people who have seen the photo, even if we actually displayed it. Also thanks to IG Story you can also download a photo of a user without having it known.


If we own an Android smartphone to display “incognito” photos of the stories of Instagram we just go to the Play Store and download the Story Saver application. Once installed we access with our credentials on the famous social media for photography and you’re done. We can look at all the stories without leaving a trace of our passage. Also with story Saver you can save a story without let it know who posted the photo.


If we own an iPhone the first step to take to watch a Instagram story without ending up in the list of “curious” is to connect on Safari to the website On the portal we must enter the name of the user we want to “spy” in the search bar. At that point the site will open the profile of the person you want and we can watch all the photos published in the last 24 hours without a trace. Also in this case you can save the displayed photos.

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