Madden NFL Mobile Guide in Spanish

The Madden NFL Mobile in Spanish guide tells you about this spectacular EA Sports mobile football game.

Like many of the sports games, and mobile games in general, the central aspect of management is one based on cards or cards. Let’s start the game with a group of bench-warmers and borderline starters, which are no big deal.

As you play Madden NFL Mobile you will get better players until getting a good template, worthy of competing for the Super Bowl.

So, in essence, you’ll be able to spend a good part of the time as general manager. The resources that you will be able to invest are as much gold coins of the game as real money.

Cheats and tricks: You could use this to play easier or get better results, the worse you don’t really need it. After all, with this guide and some tips you can play well. In addition to the game you will get many coins, but on the other hand check as everything is quite expensive.

Basic management of equipment quality

Once you pass the obligatory tutorial you will have your first deck of cards, after which you can browse for the first time your team. The quality in Madden NFL Mobile is measured at the points of statistics.

Depending on the franchise you choose, you probably have some player pulling good, classified in the 70 high or 80 low. The rest of the team will be a lot of stock players between 60 and 70 lows and will be full of unknown players. Do not worry! In just a few days you will be able to improve this.

Since we are with this, here you can see a ranking of the players according to their values, and a good goal for Madden NFL Mobile will be to go improving.

  • Less than 60: temporary players we want to replace as soon as possible
  • 61-65 for the first week is acceptable. If you haven’t purged at 90% of them when you’re done, you don’t prosper well.
  • 66-70 to 10 days. Before day 11 you should have players of these characteristics.
  • 71-75 starters. As long as you don’t get better players you’ll have to cope with these.
  • 76-80 quality players. Once you get to these players you will jump quality in the performance of your team
  • 81-85 good players. No doubt these stand out in the league
  • 86-90 excellent players who could be stars on normal teams.
  • 91-95 impressive players of which there are little.
  • 96-100 the best players in the game, insurmountable.

The final tip for Madden NFL Mobile about this is that once you have evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the team, go to the live auctions on the market and look for players available to improve your team.

Keep in mind that it is not worth spending a lot of coins to improve players by just five or six points. Consider also speculate a little to take extra coins.

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