5 Key Tricks to Master Score! Hero

Here are 5 key tricks to master Score! Hero, no doubt one of the best mobile games today. Despite having a few months, the First Touch Games game is still very demanded and played.

In Score! Hero will discover a somewhat atypical simulator, very tactical and spectacular, where you will create a story for your player, helping him in the race to make him a true hero of football.

It is about to overcome a few hundred levels divided in several seasons, where your player will be able to improve his aspirations reaching the best football clubs.

Score! Hero is a tactical game and that’s why you’re sure to appreciate these tricks.

Trick 1: Don’t hurry and move the ball securing possession

You may be tempted to mark fast by plotting a complicated pass and thus it is easier to lose possession and therefore the opportunity.

Shoot with effect and clean web squad

If you try to pass the ball to a well-marked partner, or passing close to a rival, you will be at great risk that the pass goes wrong. It is also harder to carry out long passes than in short.

Trick 2: Use the camera to watch the game and perform a better pass or shot

Although Score! Hero usually chooses well the point of the camera, this can be improved sometimes. Approaching 2 fingers on the screen you can zoom in to get more detail and be able to do better the shot or pass.

In the same way if you move them away, you will also zoom out, which can serve to better see the field, the position of your teammates and better plot the move.

Also remember that you can change the orientation by dragging a finger around the top of the screen.

Trick 3: Get the 3 stars, all goals

You should always look for them as they will not only serve the stars but you learn to play well. Especially in the early missions do not hesitate to retry again and again until you get them all and learn the essentials, because then in Score! Hero is harder.

Score-hero-TrucosTruco 4: Shoot the Hole

That is, the goal is great, do not shoot the goalkeeper or outside the goal. Normally the goalkeeper will be placed towards a stick and you should shoot the opposite.

Trick 5: Practice to dominate the effect

Giving effect to the ball complicates things because it is more difficult than shooting straight but this will help you enormously if you know how to use it well.

Plus, your goals will be more spectacular. What’s better than a Golazo the whole squad? This is one of the features that make it one of the best football games.

If you have more tricks for Score! Hero comments and I raise them. So soon I leave here other recommendations for Madden NFL Mobile.

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