Guide Score! Hero, Take Him to be a Football Legend

This guide tells you about Score! Hero is a very dynamic game that tries to represent a football match with action 11 against 11 in the whole field.

Score! Hero is a game for Android or iPhone Mobile that focuses on the strategy of football and more specifically in making decisions with the ball.

The game goes that you start your career normally in mediocre teams but season to season you go ahead and create your legend as a football hero. So you will have a series of goals or challenges for each party that you are presented in the season as they can be:

  • Score a goal with your hero
  • Make an attendance with your hero
  • Make 3 touches or more
  • Dial from 20 yards
  • Put it down the right angle

If you get the goals that mark you will give you 3 stars. Top right you see the total number of stars you get. What are the stars for? Among other things will serve to move to the following season.

Instead of using the joysticks and the virtual buttons to dribble, pass and shoot the ball, score Android hero has to do with the contemplative touch controls. Score! Football hero becomes a puzzle game, so the action freezes in the key moments, and then draw paths to steer the ball.

Playing a Game

The game stops at certain stages and you have to slide the screen to pass the ball or shoot. The Score Controls! Hero are sensitive, and you can make passes and auctions with effect and in any direction.

The money you accumulate or even buy with real money, you can invest in replaying every action with which you are not happy, or even change the appearance of the hero.

You will not only take care of the actions of your hero, but you will need to interact with other players. However, you should try to complete the objectives proposed for each mission, trying to create conducive situations.

Each move must end in goal, and if you do not get it, you must use a little energy or coins to have another chance.

Hero Game Score

The achievements you get in Score! Hero are going to focus on the achievement of stars. So although you can invest money in customizing your hero with new haircuts, beards, and other accessories, remember that they have no effect on scoring, but simple aesthetics.

But the main mechanics of Score Hero is surprisingly enjoyable. It may not be useful to win or lose games but it is very entertaining to try to solve the moves.

Score Hero is a game valued as one of the best football for mobile, along with other titles like FIFA Mobile.

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