Facebook Under Attack, A Virus Steals Passwords

A software promises to steal the Facebook Passsword of your contacts, but actually installs a trojan that takes possession of your credentials.

August 14, 2017-talk of Dante’s retaliation, in cases like these, is almost an obligation. As noted by some security researchers from the Australian company LMNTRIX Labs, a Facebook malware allows hackers who have created it to steal the credentials of access to the social network of unwitting victims.

Up here there would be nothing new or exceptional: of viruses on Facebook are counted to dozens every day and are able, who more who less, to endanger the data of users enrolled in the social network of Mark Zuckerberg. The peculiarity of the discovery of Australian researchers is another and lies in the “form” with which the virus is rapidly spreading. To deceive users, the malware promises (in disguise, of course) to help steal the Facebook password of their contacts. Instead, the exact opposite happens: once installed, it steals the credentials of the infected computer. Retaliation Dante, in fact.

The virus that promises to steal Facebook password

Behind what might look like a “simple” hacker attack lurks, instead, a complex social engineering operation. The cyber criminals who created it, explain the Australian computer security researchers, have well understood that some “poorly licit” operations could attract the attention of many Internet users around the world. They have decided to “disguise” the Facebook virus from software that allows you to steal Facebook passwords and access, so, to the profile of your friends or acquaintances.

As said, instead, Facebook Password stealer – This is the name chosen for malware – installs a Trojan inside the computer that allows hackers to get hold of the credentials of the unsuspecting victim. In addition, they also put on an online marketing campaign, with advertisements on sites and forums of various kinds.

How does the virus Facebook Password stealer

Although the stratagem devised to promote the spread of the Facebook virus is rather complex, its operation is elementary (or almost). In the software screen there are three fields to fill: two dedicated to their credentials to access the social network, while the third one is used to know the URL of the profile “objective”. The truth, however, is that as soon as you click on the button “hack”, the data entered in the first two fields will be “taken over” by the Trojan Horse installed on the PC and sent to the server managed by hackers.
How to defend yourself from the Facebook virus that steals passwords

Real defense tools against this particular Facebook virus don’t seem to be there. At least for the moment. The only thing to do is to avoid downloading “abnormal” software that promise to obtain impossible results: to be able to steal Facebook password knowing only the user name of the profile “objective” is actually not possible. If you run into one of these programs – which promise to recover or steal Facebook passwords – keep yourself well away: behind it hides something unclear.